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Floryn Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

Here we share Floryn Mobile Legends HD Wallpaper for desktop / laptop and also for mobile phone / smartphone / android.

Floryn is one of the heroes with role support in the mobile legends game. This hero has the appearance of a beautiful girl who has a blue pet.

As a Support role hero, Floryn is a hero who is able to heal his teammates. Other heroes who have healing skills are Estes, Angela, Rafaela and Mathilda.

Since this article was written, it is reported that Moonton will release a skin for this Floryn hero. Rumors of the skin are a Sanrio skin called Fluffy Dream Marshmallow. The skin is the result of a collaboration with Sanrio.

In her Splash Art leak, it appears that Floryn is wearing Barbie-like clothes while having a tea party with Sanrio's mascot, Masrhmallow. However, we do not know the information regarding the release.

On this occasion, we will share Floryn hero mobile legends wallpapers with full HD quality.

Floryn Mobile Legends Wallpaper

For now, Floryn still has a relatively small skin, which is only 3 skins. Maybe this is because Floryn is a newly released hero and is rarely chosen so Moonton doesn't prioritize his skin.

Floryn's skins are the original The Budding Hope and Springtide skins. While the other skin is the result of a collaboration from a Japanese company, namely Sanrio.

The following is a Floryn mobile legends wallpaper which is the result of a collaboration with Sanrio with a Hello Kitty theme.

Floryn Fluffy Dream Marshmallow Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

floryn fluffy dream marshmallow skin wallpaper hd mobile legends
Desktop Version

floryn fluffy dream marshmallow skin wallpaper hd mobile legends
Android / Iphone Version

So that's Floryn hero mobile legends wallpaper full hd. What do you think about the wallpaper from this Floryn hero? Is it cool or just plain? Please leave a comment.

In my opinion, the coolest skin out of all of Floryn's skins is the Fluffy Dream Marshmallow skin, which is a skin collaboration with Sanrio.

Note: All the wallpapers that we display are the property of Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

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