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Vexana Revamp Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

Here we share Vexana Mobile Legends HD Wallpapers for desktops / laptops and also for mobile phones / smartphones / android.

Vexana is one of the heroes with a role mage in the mobile legends game. This hero gets revamped by Moonton and will be released at the end of June 2022.

Vexana's appearance before the revamp was like a sinister evil female character who became Undead. But after experiencing a revamp, now Vexana looks easier and more beautiful.

Not only his appearance was revamped but also Vexana's skills, effects, voice lines and hero lore were also updated.

On this occasion we will share Vexana Revamp hero mobile legends wallpapers with full HD quality.

Vexana Mobile Legends Wallpaper

For now, Vexana has four skin choices, namely the Original (Basic) version, Season 12 and the Epic skin. You can get these skins by buying them using diamonds or fragments.

The following are Vexana mobile legends wallpapers ranging from Shimmer of Hope, Lucent Beacon, Sanguine Rose and Cused Shackle.

Vexana Lucent Beacon Skin Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

vexana lucent beacon skin wallpaper hd
Desktop Version

vexana lucent beacon wallpaper hd mobile legends
Android/Iphone Version

Vexana Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

vexana revamp wallpaper

vexana wallpaper hd

vexana wallpaper hd mobile legends
Android/Iphone Version

Necrokeep Mobile Legends

vexana revamp

vexana mobile legends

vexana wallpaper

Vexana Sanguine Rose Epic Skin Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

(Not yet available)

Vexana Season 12 Skin Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

(Not yet available)

As previously discussed, Vexana's appearance after Revamp has become more youthful and beautiful. She is the queen of the Necrokeep realm and turns herself and her people into the Undead.

So that's the Vexana hero mobile legends wallpaper full hd. What do you think about this revamped Vexana hero wallpaper? Is it cooler than the previous version? Please leave a comment.

All of Vexana's skins have been revamped to make her appearance more beautiful. Maybe one day you will miss the version of Vexana before the revamp that looks scary.

Note : All the wallpapers that we display are property of Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

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