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Gusion And Lesley Revamp Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

Here we share Wallpaper or Splash Art Gusion and Leslesy Revamp Mobile Legends HD for desktop / laptop and also for mobile phone / smartphone / android.

Gusion is one of the heroes with the Assassin role in the mobile legends game. This hero has the appearance of a 20-year-old youth. In the revamp, Gusion gets an update in terms of appearance, voice lines, skill effects and lore.

Besides Gusion, there is also Lesley who will get a revamp in the next Moonton project in September 2022. The hero who has this rifle will also experience an update from skill optimization, voice lines, appearance and lore.

One of the things we will discuss about the Gusion and Lesley hero revamps is their appearance. Gusion looked younger at 20, while Lesley looked more mature at 25.

You can see their new look in the Gusion and Lesley revamp wallpaper or splash art that we display.

On this occasion we will share wallpapers of Gusion and Lesley Revamp hero mobile legends with full HD quality.

Wallpaper Gusion And Lesley Mobile Legends

Currently, Gusion has as many as 9 cool skins. There are some of these skins that will get a revamp as well, like the basic skin. On the other hand, Lesley already has as many as 8 cool skins that will also get a revamp.

The following is a wallpaper or Splash Art from heroes Gusion and Lesley Revamp mobile legends.

Gusion Revamp Wallpaper HD

gusion revamp hd wallpaper

hd wallpaper gusion revamp

gusion revamp wallpaper

Lesley Revamp Wallpaper HD

lesley revamp hd wallpaper

lesley revamp wallpaper hd

lesley wallpaper basic skin

Gusion And Lesley Revamp HD Wallpaper

gusion lesley hd wallpaper

gusion leslesy revamp wallpaper hd

Gusion Dimension Walker 11,11 Skin Mobile Legends HD Wallpaper

gusion 11.11 skin hd wallpaper

gusion dimension walker 11.11 skin hd wallpaper

Lesley Hawk-Eyed Sniper Starlight Skin Mobile Legends HD Wallpaper

lesley starlight skin hd wallpaper

lesley hawk eyed sniper starlight skin hd wallpaper

So that's Gusion and Lesley hero mobile legends wallpapers full hd. What do you think about the wallpapers of these two revamped heroes? Is it cooler than the previous version? Please leave a comment.

In our opinion, the revamped Splash art is better than before. In the wallpaper has shown the character of each hero.

Note: All the wallpapers that we display are the property of Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

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