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Nolan Wallpaper HD Mobile Legends

Here we share Nolan Mobile Legends HD wallpapers for desktop / laptop and also for mobile phones / smartphones / android.

Nolan is one of the heroes released in 2023 to be precise in September. This hero has an Assassin role with a fast cooldown (CC) skill. Nolan is known as a universe traveler who has yellow hair and a weapon that resembles a bow.

In his role or story, Nolan is the father of the girl in Eruditio, Layla. They both have golden blonde hair, except that Nolan uses sharp weapons while Layla uses laser weapons.

As explained above, Nolan has a unique weapon that can split the vacuum (Void). The effect of the skills it concludes looks very cool so that if you successfully combine all the skills it will look very crowded.

Nolan Wallpaper Mobile Legends

At the time this article was written, the Nolan hero had just been released so that the skin he had was only a basic skin. It is likely that after a few months of Nolan's hero being released, Moonton will provide interesting skins for him such as Elite, Collector, Epic or other skins.

The following are Nolan mobile legends wallpapers that you can see and download. Starting from Star Rebel, Dark Star and some screenshots from the cinematic video.

Nolan Wallpaper HD

gambar wallpaper nolan

nolan mlbb

Nolan Void Walker Basic Skin Wallpapaer HD

nolan voidwalker

Nolan Wallpaper MLBB

nolan wallpaper hd

nolan mlbb

So that's the full HD Nolan hero mobile legends wallpaper. What do you think about the wallpaper of this universe explorer hero? Is it cool or ordinary? Please leave a comment.

At the moment we cannot judge the best skin that Nolan has because this hero has just been released, so the choices are only basic skins (Wayfinder and Voidwalker). Therefore, Moonton as the developer of this game must provide interesting skins for its new hero.

Source Image: Game, Youtube Channel and Comic Mobile Legends Bang Bang. 

Notes: All wallpapers that we show are the property of Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

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